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“Ecology, Resources, Green, and Sharing” .The international community clearly required speeding up the construction of a marine power. As an important part of the marine economy, Marine Ranching has ushered in a rare opportunity for development in China. The Marine Ranching Conference 2018 will bring together the developers of marine ranching demonstration bases and other related enterprises and institutions to focus on the display of new technologies, new methods and new achievements in the construction of marine ranching farms. Key representatives of domestic and international government agencies, scientific research institutes and enterprises will be invited to participate in the exhibition and conferences. Communication and exchange among the industry players will be surely enhanced through the exhibition, promotion, transaction and networking. We will lay a solid foundation for promoting the marine ranching along China's coastal waters.



  •  The Council Meeting of Modern Marine Ranching Technology Innovation Alliance
  •  Marine Ranching Technology and Product Promotion Conference
  •  Marine Ranching Project Investment Workshop
  •  Marine Ranching Project Partnering Workshop
  •  China Leisure Fishery Association Marine Ranching Fishing Ground Construction Branch 2018 Annual Meeting
  •  The 2nd International Symposium on Modern Marine Ranching and The Annual Academic Meeting of Fishery Resources and Environment Ranching of China Society of Fisheries
  •  2018 National Aquatic Product Processing Conference
  •  The Training Conference of National Modern Marine Ranching Technology and Construction Management
  •  The Committee Meeting of Marine Ranch Construction Expert Advisory, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs
  •  The Committee Meeting of China Ocean Fisheries Society Marine Ranching fessional Committee
  •  National Fisheries One, Two, and Three Production Integration Meeting
  •  2018 The first Dalian International Puffer Fish Festival




 The Fishery Administration of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs
 National Fisheries Technology Extension Cente
 Dalian Modern Marine Ranching Research Institute
 Dalian Xinghai Exhibitions Co., Ltd.
 China Society of Fisheries
 China Aquatic Products Circulation Processing Association
 Expert Advisory Committee on the Construction of Marine Ranch in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas
 National Marine Ranching Technology Innovation Alliance
Special support:
 The People's Government of Dalian.
 Liaoning Marine and Fisheries Department